The full-stack checkout, payments and fraud infrastructure for SMB and enterprise merchants to compete on the World Wide Web, without having to worry about chargebacks.


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More about Bolt

NJF Capital presents Bolt. The rise of Amazon has led to the ecommerce giant gaining significant market share across the globe. All the other ecommerce companies are feeling the pinch, with margins continuing to be squeezed. On top of this, eCommerce infrastructure is currently fragmented and expensive. High commissions on payments processing, poorly designed checkout products and the high cost of chargebacks further reduce bottom-line profits for vendors.

Bolt provides an end-to-end payments stack that drive e-commerce businesses 10-50% of newfound revenue. They increase vendor revenues by reducing the number of customers quitting the purchase process during checkout, via an improved user experience that requires less clicks, fewer fields and no redirects. As Bolt is performing the check-out and payment processing functions, the company has access to additional data during the entire process. This additional data leads to better models, more precision and lower fraud costs. Bolt passes on these saving to the merchants by providing 100% fraudulent chargeback coverage.

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