Miva, Inc. Announces Partnership with Bolt to Help Online Sellers Increase Conversion

Originally published on  Markets Insider

Originally published on Markets Insider

Miva, Inc., eCommerce software and service provider for mid-size and enterprise merchants for 21 years, today announced a partnership with Bolt to deliver the latter's seamless, conversion-focused checkout and fraud detection to stores on the Miva platform.

For online sellers, a strong ecosystem of eCommerce partners is key to staying relevant and profitable in a landscape dominated by marketplaces. This new partnership makes it easy for merchants to take advantage of the best-in-class Miva eCommerce platform and the optimized checkout from Bolt to drive competitive advantage and increased sales.

"Bolt is the ultimate checkout platform for Miva customers who want to increase conversion through a seamless checkout experience and fraud detection that approves more good orders," says Darren Zuckerman, Head of Partnerships at Bolt, "This partnership gives online retailers the opportunity to take their businesses to new heights by combining two powerful technologies."

"We are always growing and improving our solution ecosystem to ensure that our merchant clients stay competitive and profitable," says Brennan Heyde, VP of Product at Miva. "By providing a streamlined checkout, Bolt helps merchants keep shoppers engaged and moving through the path to purchase. We are confident that this partnership will yield great growth and revenue opportunities for our clients."

The new offering is now available for Bolt subscribers in the Miva App Store.

About Miva, Inc
Since 1997, Miva has delivered expertly-designed eCommerce solutions to help high-growth businesses serve their customers in the most innovative, forward-thinking ways possible. Miva stores deliver superior online shopping experiences and support sophisticated back-end eCommerce workflows. Miva is the only cloud-based platform that provides a reliable and expandable enterprise eCommerce solution from a single source. Miva owns and maintains the Miva Merchant software and cloud-based hosting environment. Visit miva.com for more information.

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