Say it through music with the Tunemoji integration that injects the universe of pop culture (complete with GIF and licensed music) into the users’ chat stream.



More about TuneMoji

NJF Capital presents TuneMoji. Millennials communicate with one another in a very different manner than the rest of society. Messaging via a personal device is now the dominant channel for communication, with 2 billion users sending over 60 billion messages daily. As smartphone devices improve in capability over time, communication features have evolved. We have gone from language to emotions to emojis, to stickers and now we are at GIFS. A picture may speak a thousand words, but the addition of music to a GIF is the next stage of the evolution.

TuneMoji GIFs adds a layer of music (or spoken audio) that is looped along with the GIF. TuneMoji works like Giphy with a searchable database of GIFs, whereby and you can search by words or phrases, or by emoji. Once you select the musical GIF you want, you then choose where you want to share it. TuneMoji have integrated with the world's top messaging apps, including WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Snap, Twitter and Skype.

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