Songza (exited)

A music streaming and recommendation service offering expertly curated playlists based on the time of day or a user's mood or activity. Exited to Google in 2014



More about Songza

NJF Capital presents Songza. Now integrated into Google Play, Songza predicts what you're doing or feeling and then serves an expertly-curated playlist designed to make it better. Songza offers playlists for improving activities such as waking up, working out, commuting, concentrating, unwinding, entertaining, and sleeping. Songza’s team of music experts was comprised of journalists, critics, DJs, ethnomusicologists and musicians.

Songza was named one of the App Store Best of 2012 by Apple, one of Time's Best Android Apps of 2013, and one of Fast Company's 2013 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Music.

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