Sentient Technologies is the world’s leading artificial intelligence company specializing in evolutionary intelligence.


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NJF Capital presents Sentient. Sentient have created the world’s largest and most powerful distributed AI platform by combining multiple AI disciplines with unmatched scale, allowing them to create fully autonomous products. Sentient is applying its patented artificial intelligence technologies to create unique solutions in verticals such as investment, medical diagnosis and ecommerce. These technologies are unique as they are able to deal with enormous stockpiles of data, rapidly learn from it and evolve solutions where none existed before.

They do this by identifying and deriving intelligence from previously unseen patterns in large amounts of data. Using massively scaled, distributed evolutionary computation, their solution mimics biological evolution. This enables it to learn, adapt and react faster to provide customers with the answers and decisions they need. Their deep learning technologies, working at scale, can rapidly understand human intent using visual and other non-verbal interactions, resulting in the rapid and relevant delivery of content, products and other “decisions” customers desire.

Their flagship product, Ascend, enables businesses to convert online visitors into customers faster by quickly evolving winning site designs than the traditional A/B and multivariate testing. Because Ascend lets you try multiple ideas in a single experiment, almost all Ascend tests generate designs that outperform the original version. Best of all, the process is automated so teams can concentrate on higher-value activities.

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