The first way for businesses to manage their Human Resources & Information Technology all on one, modern system— from payroll and benefits, to employee computers and apps.



More about Rippling

NJF Capital presents Rippling. Each business system you have uses employee data—but keeps track of it separately. Any time an employee’s information changes, someone has to make these updates in every system. That’s the opposite of productivity.

Rippling is the all-in-one HR and IT platform for one single source for employee data. The platform boasts the widest end-to-end product stack available on the market, including applicant tracking, employee management, benefits administration, onboarding, HR integrations and payroll (including tax management across 50 states). Rippling also specialises in IT services, offering access management IT as an add-on service. The platform also integrates with over 500 apps, so you can do more work, in fewer browser tabs.

This is how you run a business. One underlying system for employee data, rippling out to all your essential business systems and updating them automatically when something changes. They call this the Rippling Effect.