Unlocks the potential for one-off payouts through an online payment platform which increases payments by offering higher-value gift cards as a payment method.



More about OptioPay

NJF Capital presents OptioPay. OptioPay is an online payment processing platform. They offer software with flexible payment options, including gift cards. From time to time, many businesses need to pay their employees or customers for one-off items, whether it be a Christmas bonus or utility bill refund. With OptioPay, payment recipients get better value with leading retailers. They can choose a retailer and card denomination from a wide range of options and increase their payment value.

The payment process is designed to be simple, intuitive and accessible to all. Recipients receive just two emails, one to redeem payments and the other containing their gift cards. The integrated payments platform does not force consumers to choose a gift card. In fact, they can deposit the money straight to their bank in two clicks. Consumers can redeem gift cards directly through online retailers or print them to take to the store. In case they don’t connect, their money will be automatically sent to their bank account after a designated period. Integration into existing payments systems is simple, and there is no process change involved.

Optiopay is trusted by leading businesses in Germany across Insurance, Banks, Energy Providers and eCommerce verticals.

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