Elvie Pump receives @BestProducts Best of CES 2019 Award

Nicole Junkermann presents Elvie

Originally published on BestProducts.com

As always, CES — the largest consumer electronics show in the world — delivered plenty of mind-blowing tech that is sure to shape our future. From wall-sized TVs and bread-baking robots, to Alexa-powered appliances and a surplus of speakers, there's plenty to get excited about in the tech-space.

Although last year's convention brought several prototypes and concepts to the table, we're happy to report that some of the hottest items unveiled this year in Las Vegas will soon be available for purchase. That even includes the stuff that seems like it's straight out of Harry Potter, like a chess set that strategically moves pieces on its own, a carry-on suitcase that actually follows you around, and a TV that keeps itself out of sight by rolling up into its own soundbar base. Read on to see what gizmos and gadgetry stood out from the rest and earned our Best of CES badge.

12 - Elvie Pump - Best Baby Tech

The Elvie Pump is the world's first silent, FDA-approved, hands-free wearable breast pump. It is modern, discreet, and comes with multiple flange sizes for women with varying breast shapes. It has a clear reservoir to check how much milk you've pumped, and you can even connect the Elvie to an app to log your pumping history and volume. 

It definitely will beat the scary and loud breast pump you have today.

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