Building the computer for the next generation of high-performance machine learning through the combination of unique chip architecture and a software compiler.



More about Groq

NJF Capital presents Groq: machine learning technology that will transform business and society. The exponential increase in data being captured around us provides an opportunity for computers to get smarter, to a level in which there is no need for human interference. The major challenge is that the computational power of hardware is failing to keep up with the increasing workloads demanded to process the ever-increasing data. It is also an energy intensive process.

Groq is creating a chip that is significantly faster and more energy efficient than current gold standard GPUs and CPU in the market. The chip has the potential to lower the cost of AI in the cloud and in datacentres. The chip could also be a breakthrough for self-driving cars, virtual reality and natural language processing applications – all of which require a lot of data to be processed in a short amount of time.

Groq is the company behind the development of the tensor processing unit at Google. Creating the next generation chip requires the top talent in the semiconductor industry to come together. The team at Groq is the strongest in the market and are in the best position to execute this challenging project.

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