A longevity-based start up with a novel screening platform to radically increase the efficiency of therapeutic development for complex diseases of ageing.



More about Gordian Biotechnology

NJF Capital presents Gordian Biotechnology. Gordian is motivated by the observation that the largest unmet medical needs, share two features: disease modifying treatments remain elusive, and their manifestation and progression are strongly age-dependent. These age-related diseases involve a complex, poorly understood interplay between cells and their physiological environment. Yet it is not known how to fully reproduce the diseased extracellular environment outside of the diseased organism itself. This reveals a significant limitation of current therapeutic screening methodologies, which rely on assays that take place ex vivo. Thus, Gordian has developed a discovery platform that makes in vivo experimentation the first step in the pre-clinical process, rather than the last. Gordian will use their high-throughput, in vivo screening technology to discover and develop novel targets and therapeutics that can meet large unmet needs in complex and age-related disease.

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