The most trusted cryptocurrency company to send, receive, store and trade digital currencies, including its new cryptocurrency trading platform, The Pit.



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NJF Capital presents Blockchain. The financial services industry is up for disruption. The industry moves money, stores money, lends money, trades money, attests to money and accounts for money. Cryptocurrency, which is underpinned by Blockchain technology, challenges every one of these things.

Blockchain Inc., founded in 2011, is the first and most trusted global cryptocurrency company. They provide customers with the passport to the future of finance – a crypto wallet, whereby customers can easily send, receive, store and trade digital currencies. They have organically grown to provide over 28 million crypto wallets to customer across 140 countries.

Trust is the first step for cryptocurrency to be adopted by society. Blockchain Inc. has the reputation, expertise and track record to lead the way for cryptocurrency to become an alternative store of value in the future. The product roadmap may extend beyond cryptocurrency - blockchain technology could offer the opportunity to store non-financial data in the future, such as identity data and proving ownership of a tangible or intangible asset.

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